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Sustainable Homes

We are looking forward to a sustainable future

The best sustainable materials for your home The increase in popularity of timber-frame housing should not come as a surprise. Timber-frame has many other advantages over other construction types, including performance and environmental advantages. Read more benefits. Nobody could fail to notice that the environment is the hot topic in the media. But while the […]



Top tips to increasing your property value

Adding value to your property Adding value to your property and enhancing the home decoration can have many benefits, especially if you are a landlord who is thinking of renting the property out, or selling. Take a look at our recommended tips, which could also result in higher property value: Flooring furnishings Furnishing the floor […]



What are the Benefits of Property Development Finance?

Property development requires a lot of time and dedication. More importantly, it requires a considerable amount of funds to make sure the project is kept to your schedule. Construction costs, labour and purchasing the land is just some of the aspects that require money. To help minimise the risk of your initial investment or to […]