Home Renovation

Quality Home Renovation Ideas

Remodelling and renovating mean to make improvements on an existing building or home.

For a landlord who is thinking of reselling their home or renting it would be useful to renovate your property making it more energy efficiency and improving its appearance.

  • There are pros to this and they are:
  • Create a home you want for the same total price
  • Potential to add value
  • To secure a safety issue
  • To improve the home’s function


If you need help when renovating your home, it would be useful to contact an agency who specialises in home renovations as they can deal with this efficiently.

If you looking for expert interior design advice and direction, Sovereign Homes can complete your project down to the very last piece of the puzzle, with help from the interior design team who are happy to assist.

It could be a simple blind in a bathroom or help with a particular room or rooms putting together visual schemes presented on a mood board to give you a clear understanding of the elements that will make the rooms complete and envied by family and friends.

 From Flooring To Fabrics

The finishing touches to the room are just as important to the feeling of a space as the plans for the build or revamp.

This can also provide its own set of challenges, trying to select the appropriate colours and textures can be as difficult as choosing your kitchen or the bathroom suite or the details of your extension.

Sovereign Home has several options available for you to select from making their service affordable to many and not a luxury item for the few. This available option makes sure that they have assisted you in completing your project right to the very finish giving you confidence in the end results.

Choosing the teams services for Kitchens and Bathrooms installations means that as part of the purchase further assistance will be at hand to support you in the selection of floor finishes, paint and lighting inclusive as part of your order.

For rooms such as Hallways, Lounge and Bedrooms, affordable options are there for you to select, giving you complete control of the depth of our involvement.

Please get in touch to speak to Property Lettings for more details on the options available.

Your Boiler & Heating System

By law, the installation of a heat producing appliance must be carried out by a Gas Safe registered engineer. This means they are responsible for notifying Building Control of the changes made.

There are various alterations you can make to your heating appliance, which can improve the quality of life in your home. Alterations include things such as adding heating controls, boosting hot water, extending central heating and the addition of underfloor heating.

Did you know that underfloor heating requires a much lower temperature than radiator systems to achieve the same level of thermal comfort? Find out more.

Things to Consider

Things you may need to consider when renovating your property are:

Step 1: Finding a project

Step 2: Purchase

Step 3: Design

Step 4: Repairing original features

Step 5: Structural changes

Step 6: External makeover

Step 7: Extending

Step 8: Heating & Electrics

Step 9: Eco-innovation

Step 10: Finishing touches

This will take some time and a lot of planning however the outcome will be very beneficial.

Your Boiler & Heating System