How A Virtual Office Can Work For You

How A Virtual Office Can Work For You

The Benefits of a Virtual Office

How many times have you sat at work behind a desk thinking ‘I could be doing this in the comfort of my own home, sitting in bed in my pyjamas with a brew in one hand and the laptop in the other!’

Well an increasing number of people a choosing to do just that. With businesses keen to keep down costs actual office premises are becoming a thing of the past and a new wave is taking the lead, virtual office London is a prime example.

But is working from home really all it is cracked up to be? If it is an option you are seriously considering here are a few for and against points to ponder over before you make the leap.

Firstly, the long, boring daily commute. However, you travel be it by road or rail there is nothing worse than spending the first hour of your day stuck in traffic or crammed into an overcrowded train carriage. By the time you arrive at work you already feel exhausted.

If your office is in the spare room of your house, on the other hand, the daily commute from the bedroom is far less stressful, takes less time and cost nothing!

Being Your Own Boss

Also, to a certain degree, you are your own boss. If you want to watch three episodes of Peppa Pig and start work a little later then who is there to stop you? And if you want to eat dippy egg and soldiers at your desk while checking your emails why not!

If you are staying in all day then what is the point in getting dressed? Stay in your pyjamas all day if you really want to, no need to shower or do your hair….although it can be a bit embarrassing when the postman knocks on the door.

Of course, some people find working from home more difficult than they anticipated.

The fact you have no start or finish time can mean you actually end up working much longer hours than you might in a normal office job. Also, the convenience of a well-stocked fridge can mean constant nibbling resulting in unwanted weight gain.

Maybe, spending so much time alone you may get bored with your own company! All that time alone with no one to talk to can soon become lonely and tedious. you will probably miss the water cooler gossip in the office

So if the company you work for is considering allowing employees to work from home don’t be too quick to snatch their hand off. A virtual office London situation may sound ideal but as with most things you need to weigh up the pros and cons before making a decision, will such a drastic lifestyle change really suit you?


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