Top tips to increasing your property value

Top tips to increasing your property value

Adding value to your property

Adding value to your property and enhancing the home decoration can have many benefits, especially if you are a landlord who is thinking of renting the property out, or selling.

Take a look at our recommended tips, which could also result in higher property value:

Flooring furnishings

Furnishing the floor adds great value to the property, but also gives your property a fresh and new look. If you want to use flooring as a way of enhancing your property, contact Skilled Floors who has a variety of different flooring available for commercial or residential properties. This includes:

  1. Carpet tiles
  2. Bamboo
  3. Laminate
  4. Vinyl planks

Household electrics

Update services such as electricity and plumbing. A lot of work is done to keep your house warm but the electrical panels can’t do its job well unless you keep it updated and functioning.

Tackle Superficial Defects such as:

  1. Squeaking or sticking doors and windows
  2. Door latches that don’t work
  3. Peeling paint
  4. Molds in kitchen and bathroom

Replace Windows

Replacing the windows can help your home stand out in the market. Since buyers love buying houses that are not only move-in ready but updated with modern amenities, new windows will surely improve your home’s marketability.

Add More Storage Space

You can do more storage space by replacing furniture, clearing out the clutter and removing some walls.

4 Other Things to Consider:

  1. Central Heating
  2. Off-street Parking
  3. Add a Conservatory
  4. Convert Your Loft


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