Information on Shared Ownership Housing

Information on Shared Ownership Housing

Top Housing Association Contacts

Who to contact to find information about shared-ownership schemes in your area.

Information about housing associations

Housing associations are the main providers of shared ownership homes. They are often charitable organisations and are regulated by the Government.

If you want to find out about shared ownership properties or schemes in your area, you can approach any local housing association.

However, your best bet is to find out which local housing association is acting as the ‘home buy agent’ for your region, and details of all home buy agents are held by the HCA (Homes and Communities Agency). Find out more.

Please note that housing associations are not the only providers of affordable housing schemes.

The main shared equity and equity loan products, including FirstBuy and Homebuy Direct, are provided by major housing developers and other private organisations, generally working in partnership with the HCA.


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