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Residential properties for flexible Property Management, Block Management and Estate Management in Cardiff, Newcastle, Liverpool, Manchester and throughout London and North West.

Since 2007 we been block management properties in London and throughout the UK from small, medium, and large mansion blocks.

London, Central London, North London, East London, Northwest London, West London, Birmingham, Newcastle, Leeds, Manchester, Liverpool, Chester, Wirral, Southport, Preston, Milton keynes, and throughout the UK.

Greenwood Letting and  Estate Agents  We work very closely with you, the leaseholders, administering your management or freehold companies, making sure that your blocks run smoothly.  Service charges are collected efficiently, suppliers paid on time and work carried out within the legal framework.

We Property Management provides residential block management London area. We specialise in small and medium sized residential properties, from small converted houses to purpose-built modern blocks of flats including and all areas in WC1, WC2, NW1, NW8, E1, W1, W2, SW7, N1, N7, SW1, EC1, SW6,  SW8, SW3, N6, N4, N16, N5, EC1, EC2, EC3 , E14, SW10, SW9 central London and greater London.  

Additionally, we can assist leaseholders who wish to purchase the freehold of their block, extend their leases or even from a right to manage company, advising them through these lengthy and sometimes convoluted processes. We are proud to provide a professional service with the personal touch.

We provide a full professional lettings and management service in the UK, ensuring high standards through a proactive approach to effective estate and block management services, together with cost effective administration on all service charges to all residents.

Our clients benefit from:

• Your own property manager
• Your own accounts manager
• Your own credit controller
• 24/7 property maintenance
• Regular management updates
• Programmed maintenance
• Competitive insurance quotes
• Comprehensive service charge accounts reporting
• Reliable company secretarial services

As one of the most respected property management companies in London, we manage a portfolio of high quality developments in central London. We are experienced at dealing with all types of estates, whether they are small or medium sized developments in London.

We provide block management services for leasehold, freehold, estate management, housing associations and developers in Bloomsbury and the surrounding areas of Marylebone, Central London, Fitzrovia, Soho, Covent Garden, The City of London, Bloomsbury, Mayfair, Islington, Russell Square, Woburn Place, Euston, Camden, Kings Cross and St Pancras

Service Charge Budgets

We will prepare an annual service charge forecast based on the anticipated reasonable costs for the year ahead. We carefully estimate the expected cost of providing essential services such as cleaning, gardening, lighting, repairs, management, security, accountancy and buildings insurance. Each service charge budget is pre-approved by our client and costs are carefully monitored throughout the year for the best use of funds.


The lease will often set out the way in which service charges are to be accounted for and Greenwood Letting Agents undertakes to comply with these provisions. Year end of each year, we present each service charge payer with an easy to understand statement to indicate all costs incurred for works and services, clearly showing advanced payments made against actual expenditure incurred.

The annual service charge account for each managed building or estate is prepared and certified by a suitably qualified accountant and copies are provided to all those who have contributed towards the services.

Reserve Funds

The lease often provides for the landlord or his agents to build up a fund over consecutive numbers years through the service charge to pay for large items of expenditure such as replacement of a roof or cyclical redecoration of a building. Greenwood Letting Agents can plan and forecast the reserves required for such major works. This money is then held in trust in a specially designated bank account for the purpose of meeting the anticipated costs over future years.

Maintenance and Repairs

All responsibilities of the parties with regard to repairs and maintenance will be set out in the lease. Greenwood Letting Agents on behalf of our clients, would normally undertake to maintain the structure of a building and the parts used in common. Greenwood Letting Agents undertake to deal promptly with all reports of disrepair and to remedy any such disrepair which falls within our client’s responsibility. Greenwood Letting Agents have an approved database of specialist contractors and trades people, whom we work with on a regular basis and who consistently deliver a cost effective and reliable standard of service. Our aim is to provide a safe and well cared for environment for all residents to enjoy.

Works Specifications

We specialist consultants surveyors and associated specialist consultants are on hand to prepare specifications for works, maintenance plans and schedules of dilapidation. We can also arrange a valuation of a building for insurance purposes.

Health and Safety

United Kingdom current legislation requires compliance with a wide range of health and safety regulations which go well beyond those set down in the lease. There can be serious consequences if these regulations are ignored or neglected. Greenwood Letting Agents will undertake to carry out a mandatory health and safety risk assessment of any common areas. We will also appoint a specialist to carry out the required fire risk assessment. Other legislative requirements we will satisfy affecting common areas include a periodic check of electrical safety, checks on water systems and asbestos assessments.

Buildings Inspections

Greenwood Letting Agents undertakes to carry out periodic inspections of our managed sites to ascertain the general condition for day to day management purposes and to monitor the regular services such as gardening and cleaning. Additional inspections are carried out where we are dealing with wants of repair or assessing the need for works.

Lease Extensions

The 1993 Leasehold Reform Act (as amended) provides the right for the grant of a new lease. Greenwood Letting Agents specialist consultants surveyors and associated specialist consultants can assist with the formal procedures required to successfully complete a lease extension application.


Under the provisions of the 1993 Leasehold Reform Act (as amended), an increasing number of leaseholders are getting together to acquire their freehold. Greenwood Letting Agents specialist consultants surveyors and associated specialist consultants will be on hand to provide the skill and support to steer through the correct procedures required to complete a successful application for purchase.

Emergency Assistance

Greenwood Letting Agents provides an out of hours’ service so that if an emergency incident arises at a building when our offices are closed, you are able to obtain advice and support. Initially an assessment would be made to determine the best course of action and if needs be, all emergency calls to our workman will arrange for an out of hours contractor to attend a building and where possible arrange any repair needed.

Service Charge Recovery

The covenants of a lease set out the contractual obligations of a leaseholder to pay service charges. Greenwood Letting Agents specialist consultants undertakes to collect service charges in accordance with those obligations on the dates specified. All monies collected on behalf of a client are held in trust in a specially designated bank account.

Greenwood Letting Agents runs an efficient system to monitor service charge payments and if not paid, we undertake to communicate promptly with those in default. Greenwood Letting Agents will keep the client notified of any situation involving significant arrears and a specialist consultants solicitor will be appointed if proceedings become necessary.

Ground Rent Collection

Greenwood Letting Agents undertake to serve a notice on the leaseholder in the prescribed form to collect any ground rent payable by a leaseholder to a landlord on a specified date, as required by the lease.

Lease Compliance

Greenwood Letting Agents works with solicitors who have the expertise to assist in mediation where there has been a breach. It is important that the legal contract setting out the terms and conditions between the parties is complied with.

Programmed Maintenance

Greenwood Letting Agents provides many services including the maintenance of shared facilities such as lifts, door entry systems, CCTV, gates, fire safety equipment etc. The most of the maintenance of the grounds as this has a significant impact on the overall appearance and enjoyment of a building. Greenwood Letting Agents also recognise that when hallways, landings and stairs are shared areas are not kept clean and tidy. Greenwood Letting Agents, we pride ourselves on the standard of care that our approved cleaning contractors provide. We always ensure that the cleaning contracts are carefully monitored in order to maintain consistently high standards of cleanliness in the communal areas.

Buildings Insurance

Greenwood Letting Agents work with specialist insurance brokers to ensure we provide cost effective and comprehensive insurance cover to meet the needs of the all block management and such policies include; public liability, terrorism insurance and any other insurance cover needed.

Company Secretarial

Greenwood Letting Agents will appoint professional a secretarial service for all building and block management if required by the freeholders. Who will undertake to comply with the Company’s statutory obligations ensuring that all necessary returns and other documents are properly dealt with.

Right to Manage

It is no longer necessary for leaseholders to prove fault with their landlord in order to obtain the right to manage the block in which they live. However, the qualifying rules and procedures are complex. Greenwood Letting Agents specialist consultants can provide the expertise to assist a group of qualifying leaseholders to set up a RTM company in accordance with current legislation in order to successfully take over the management responsibility from the landlord.

Freehold Disposal and Acquisition

Before a landlord can dispose of their freehold interest in a building of flats, they must firstly by law offer it to the flat owners. There are certain provisions and procedures to be complied with which Greenwood Letting Agents can assist with. Greenwood Letting Agents specialist consultants also works with a number of freehold investment companies and private landlords, so where the leaseholders do not exercise their right to purchase, Greenwood Letting Agents specialist consultants can secure a successful disposal on the open market.

Property Transfer

Greenwood Letting Agents provides leasehold and management information to solicitors and others in connection with enquiries where a sale or re-mortgage is progressing on an individual property. Greenwood Letting Agents specialist consultants can deal with or advise on applications for assignment, transfer, charge or disposition on behalf of the client.

Quotation Greenwood Letting Agents

All client has particular requirements, Greenwood Letting Agents will firstly find out how we can help you. and quote you a basic management fee rather than a percentage of outgoings, so that you can accurately budget for your annual expenditure.

In-House complaints Handling

All complaints, oral and written, should be in writing.

Greenwood will deal with any complaints properly and appointed representative to deal with the complainant.

All written complaints will be acknowledged within seven working days and a proper branch investigation promptly undertaken. A formal written outcome of the branch investigation must be sent to the complainant within twenty eight days. If longer is needed, the complainant will be told in writing, with an explanation, and given an indication of timescale. The outcome of the investigation will be sent to the Complainant within such timescale.

If the complainant remains dissatisfied, he/she will be told how he/she can further pursue his complaint within your company. This should provide the opportunity for a speedy, separate and detached review of the complaint by staff not directly involved in the transaction. Greenwood will ensured a member of staff not directly involved in the transaction will deal with the complaint.

Following the conclusion of our in house review, a written statement expressing your final viewpoint, and including any offer made will be sent to the complainant. A letter will sent out to tell the Complainant how the matter can be referred to the Ombudsman, pointing out that any such referral by the Complainant must be made within six months of our final viewpoint.

Why Choose Greenwood Letting Agents

As one of the most prestigious international lettings and property management companies in London, Greenwood Letting Agents have the expertise to guide you through the administrative process and our specialist consultants will help you through the legal complexities and combined with our staff and hands on approach, will bring a refreshing new beginning to the management of your building. We guarantee that we will work harder for you than any other agent to achieve the level of management and the financial savings you are seeking.

Changing Agent

Once you have decided to appoint Greenwood Letting Agents, you will need to write to your existing agent to give them the required amount of notice as set out in their terms. You will need to give authority to your agent to release information to Greenwood Letting Agents, we can start to prepare to take over the management responsibility from them. Greenwood Letting Agents will facilitate a smooth handover and continuity of services.

We comply with all section 20 notice requirements for work is £250.00 plus VAT per leaseholder per year.

We charge 5% plus VAT of the net contracted price for the management for all invoiced work. This will include the distribution of the correct paperwork, management of timescales in between notices, organisation of contractors for quotations.

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